Hello Assalamualaikum!
Wowwww.. It’s been so freaking longgggg since I write anything in the blog!
I am back writing just to share with you a new product that I have just been introduced to!
I’m kinda still traumatized with my experience with a brand that caused irritation to my facial skin and it lead to my first Tribunal Court case guys!! *shaking my head as I typed this*. I will definitely share this story once I’ve organized my thought and fully ready..
Anywaysssss.. I assure you this product I am about to talk about is worth to be shared! hehe.

I have been incorporating this product in my day skincare routine as sunscreen for 2 weeks. The last step in the routine and the most satisfying I would say!

gold nano cc cream
Let me give some more brief explanation on the background of the product first.
So, this product is a Korean skincare distributed by Hansaegee Nature – a Korean skincare brand based from Malaysia.
So, this is product I am going to talk more about is CC cream with SPF50+ PA+++ which claimed to be a tri-functional cosmetic – Whitening & Anti-wrinkle & SPF50+, PA+++ – that does complexion control, brightening and sunscreen effect.

You can go to this page from Hansaegee Nature itself  to see what it says about this product:

krim siang cc cream protection

I am not going to write more of what Hansaegee Nature has to say about this product but more of my experience. Rest assured that this is my honest say okay. heee.
First thing first, I cannot restrain myself from talking about the packaging. I’m a very visual person. haha. I really like the white and gold colour combination. The tube is sleek for a regular size of 50ml.  However, I find it a little bit hard to press the cream out of the tube especially with left hand that has less force. Which implies that it’s very sturdy and the cream also has quite a thick consistency to begin with.

Note that this is not like a typical CC cream. At least I never tried a CC cream like this. The bigggg difference is, it is a white cream CC cream! No hassle to find the right shade for you because it is one that fits for all! hehe.

twist lock cc cream

If you look very closely into the cream, you can see that this cream is infused with teeny-tiny particles of brown, black and orange-y. I put it on a piece of tissue paper and witness how this combination turned into a nice skin colour! Cannot really see on the skin though but I guess this is how the skin can look nicely brighten without looking grey or ashy.

warna cc cream putih

warna bertukar ikut tona kulit
The cream is thick but as you applied, it feels very lightweight. It’s not oily at all.
Applying it on a bare skin would leave a soften skin, moisturized but with powdery finishing.

Buttt, if you apply it on top of moisturizer, it gives a glowing finishing. I like how it act as my makeup base.

perbezaan cc cream

I would say this CC cream is more of a skincare than a makeup. The coverage is on the light to sheer side and not buildable. Therefore, it is perfect for those who likes light make up. Like staying at home now for MCO, but still want to look good hehe.
Excuse my post-extraction face. I really gotta show you how it looked on me on bare face:-
kulit muka selepas sapu cc ccream

I applied few drops of face oil and look how the lighting captured my face!

muka nampak lebih glowing natural

Lastly, the thing that I want to highlight is the ingredients in this product. I am currently learning more of skincare ingredients and I like to properly organize my skincare routine in terms of ingredients to avoid problems like over-exfoliation which I encountered not too long ago. It’s pretty complicated so let me try to share my skincare ingredients learning curve with you guys when I have the time yaaa. hee.
Not everything need to be taken note of but anyway, basically, some common ingredients need to take note on are:-
  1. No Paraben, No Sulfate
  2. Titanium Dioxide – which is the mineral sunscreen used and it sit on top of your skin and reflect UV rays away from your body so be sure to double cleanse this in the evening.
  3. Octocrylene – which is the chemical suncreen which absorbs into the skin and dissipates the UV rays through a chemical reaction. It can sometime cause irritation and discomfort, especially for children with sensitive skin.
  4. Niacinamide – is a great ingredient that possess anti-aging properties. It’s one of my favourite ingredients in a skincare. It helps with fine lines, dark spots and pores.
  5. Fragrance – is a downside because it could cause irritation too for sensitive skin. But so far my skin managed. To be honest, I am pretty suprised to see this considering that there’s hardly any that I could smell except that it smell like a typical cream. The portion must be so little so it shouldn’t be a concerningredient gold nano cc cream

I have actually posted a video on my instagram (and it becomes an igtv because it’s longer than 1minute – I just have a lot to show in the video XD ) on how I applied it and how it looked on my skin. .

packaging senang bawa

That should be all I have to say today about this new product that I tried. Give it a try too if you’re curious! hehe.

Thanks for reading!
Until next post ya!
Happy fasting, Ramadhan Kareem!

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