Basic Skincare Routine for Beginners

Do you know what is your skin type? Do you really know detail about your skin? And what skincare routine is suitable for your skin? No matter what your skin type is, a basic skin care routine is important, and can help you maintain overall skin health. Most people do not know what skincare routine they should use. Let us show you a very basic skincare routine for a beginner.

Basic Skincare Routine for Beginners



Clean skin twice a day (Morning & Night), do not clean skin more than 2 times, it will dry out your skin. Choose a cleanser that can clean deep pores, and moisture skin so doesn’t leave your skin tight after washing.


After clean face, next is use toner. Why? Sometimes after cleanser, can leave a residue or film on the skin even if you think you did a good job washing it off. So, toner can help further cleanse the skin & remove any debris missed by a cleanser. Therefore, some people ask, can we skip toner? Yes, if you think your Cleanser is enough to clean & clear your skin pores deeply.


Your skin need a little thing extra, for beginner a hydration serum is needed. It is to supply moisture to your skin barrier, no matter what skin type you are, hydration is the most important.


Moisturizer is the super important finisher in your daily skincare routine. You will ask “since I already have hydration serum, do I still need moisturizer?” The answer is “YES” you need moisturizer even after you apply hydration serum. This is because even you supply hydration to skin by using serum, it also will happen dehydrate from skin after few hours (meaning the water disappear from skin). So, the function of Moisturizer is to lock the moisture into skin barrier, protect your skin from losing moisture, keeping skin moisture for longer time. Choose a water based moisturizer is good for all skin type. Even oily skin needs moisturizer, a lightweight, and water based moisturizer is most suitable.

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5.Sunscreen / CC Cream:

Apply sunscreen is a must. With apply sunscreen at least SPF30 – SPF50 is enough for daily activity used. But 1-time sunscreen is not enough for whole day, you should apply at least 2 times per day to avoid skin damaged from UVA & UVB. If you explore to sun light actively, then will suggest you re-apply the sunscreen every 2 – 3 hours. And the amount of cream apply each time is recommend to be 2- fingers sunscreen. Choose the physical sunscreen with not oily, not sticky, and light – weight cream, it is more suitable for Malaysia weather and also suitable for all skin type, especially oily skin.


6.Cleanser (Double Cleansing Method):

Double cleansing method is using Cleansing oil to clean skin first before you clean your face with Cleanser. Basically is to remove the makeup or sunscreen. Some of the particles of makeup, or dust can only be removed by oil based cleanser, so by using double cleansing method to make sure skin pores can be cleaned well. After Cleansing oil, must apply Cleanser (water based cleanser) to clean face, this is the perfect method to clean skin deeply at night.



Apply toner before facial mask it can allow the essence of mask absorb well in to skin.

8.Facial Mask:

Facial Mask is the perfect skin care treatment for your skin. Basically can do facial mask every 2-3 times week, but is you choose to do a hydration mask you can do it every night. Please take note that facial mask cannot apply more than 20 minutes, the most perfect time is 15- 20 minutes. Choose Aloe Vera Mask can supply sufficient moisture to skin and have clam skin effect, to relax your skin.


After facial mask, make sure apply Moisturizer to lock the essence and moisture from mask into your deep skin barrier, your skin full of moisture and take a good sleep.


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