Hansaegee Nature Malaysia: Trusted Brand for Korean Skincare

Hansaegee Nature Malaysia Trusted Brand for Korean Skincare

Assalamualaikum, today Im going to share with you about my favourite Korean skincare that I’ve been using for past years. It is called Hansaegee Nature. I love their moisturizer and cleanser and dying to try out their CC Cream that has gone viral among bloggers.

Hansaegee Nature Malaysia

p/s you can check out my review of their products in my older posts 

If you are new to Korean skincare brand, or haven’t heard about Hansaegee yet, let me share with you. Hansaegee Nature is a skincare brand that based in Malaysia but all their products are 100% made in Korea. It means that the products are manufacture in Korea but their warehouse is in Malaysia. Since 2011, Hansaegee Nature provide high quality and 100% natural ingredients from Korea. Well, you know how good their ingredients are! Korean have great formulation for their skincare which suitable for every skin types. Also, all their ingredients have been approved by Malaysian and Korean authority board. It is safe to use!

Their products can only be purchased through their online website at www.hansaegee.com and their website only. If you don’t want to purchase via their website, you can also purchase through their live chat service, or Whatsapp order service as their team are really helpful. So, if you ask me can you get it at other retail shop or online shop channel? Sorry dear, no agents, their products cannot be found in Watsons, Guardian or other online shop. You only can get it from their official website. This is the way they control their their quality and safety of their products sold to the customers, make sure the best quality products reach the customer. So you can shop 24 hours, anytime, anywhere.

And as I mentioned above, I have been using their moisturizer (launched in 2016) and their newest product (launched in 2018) which is Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser. Again, see my older posts to read review about it. Whenever I have chances, I want to try their Gold Nano CC Cream ,  that functions as make up and skincare as well. Sounds great isn’t it? You can be beautiful with make up on while your skins recover with their great natural ingredients in CC Cream. Their products contains NO PARABEN, NO SULFATE and NO ALCOHOL.


Gold Nano CC Cream
Gold Nano CC Cream
Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser & Aqua Whitening Cream
Aloe AC Bubble Cleanser & Aqua Whitening Cream

How do I know about Hansaegee Nature? Well, they are all over places. You can simply find them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog and youtube as well. What I like is they always share latest and updated skincare knowledge, tips and tricks to their viewers. Plus, if you want to get consultation for your skin problems, or want to purchase their products, you can always contact them through Whatsapp, Live Chat, Emel and phone call. No worries, they have great customer service . Their feedback service is fast and efficient 😉

Hansaegee Nature Information

Check out their website below for more informations regarding products, tutorial and review. All the details can be found there to help you choose better. They also have review from other customers to share some skin care tips. Don’t forget to check out their website for more details okay?


Great News: 

Hansaegee Nature is having Women Days SALE NOW from 3rd March till 11th March

Women Day Sales Banner 2020

Discount on ALL ITEMS 

For all the detail for discount product and combo set, you may visit their online store for more information. Also remember to register as member to collect the member point during purchase

What I Like:

They give us free postage for purchase of RM70 and above, rewards points service that will never expired! Also super fast delivery services by Gdex and Pos Laju.

Hansaegee Nature Postage and Payment Information

Don’t have online banking? Well, no worries as they provide us with lot of choice for payment method which is Online Banking, Credit Card via ipay88, ATM/Cash Deposit Machine, Boost App and also Grab Pay.

Highly recommend you to try their products as they suitable for all skin types. Their price range is also affordable for great quality of skincare. If you are new to Korean skincare, check out their social media for more information about the ingredients and reviews.

You can always check out their official website, Hansaegee Nature

Website: http://www.hansaegee.com/shop

IG page: https://www.instagram.com/hansaegeenature/

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/HansaegeeNature

Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/c/HansaegeeNatureMalaysia


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