Beauty Tips : Suggestion for Breakout, Acne or Pimples

Beauty Tips : Suggestion for Breakout, Acne or Pimples (By Hansaegee Nature on 12th March 2019)

Do you have this experience..? 🤔 Yesterday skin look, breakout, pimples problems? In this article, we are going to share with you some of the causes of breakout and acne at different part of the face.



The forehead is one of the most common area where pimples and acne appear. Besides skin condition, stress and not enough sleep might caused acne. Although scientists don’t know how exactly the stress will worsen the acne, but studies believe these will have to do with some link between stress and hormones in body.

Suggestion :  Try to do more exercise in the morning or evening. Physical exercise also considered important for maintaining mental fitness, and it can reduce stress. Besides, try pampers yourself by doing aloe & moisture mask before sleep. Get calm and soothing skin — have a good sleep!

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When talk about acne at face, some studies show that this is related with the disruption with your endocrine system. Which overstimulate the oil glands and clog pores. In such case, we are focusing more on the way to minimize and treat acne by :

Suggestion : Wash your face in the morning and again in the evening. For daily cleansing routine (in the morning). Clean your face using cleanser like Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser – it provide deep clean face with moisture effect.  While during evening time, (No matter makeup or not) Make sure 2 steps cleansing process :  suggest clean pores with cleansing oil and follow by Bubble Cleanser. No more clogged pores, acne gone easily




3.FROWN (between eyebrown)


Acne or pimple at frown (between eyebrown) are so embarrassing. One of the reason is unhealthy foods consumed.  In other words, it related with the daily diet consumed.

Suggestion : Reduce the consumption of processed foods & refined sugar. Studies show that foods high in sugar will cause spikes in your body’s insulin levels that further exacerbate inflammation.





4. Cheeks (Both Side)


Why Pimples at both cheek sides ? One of the reason always touch face with dirty hand. 

Suggestion: Besides wash hand frequently, always clean handphone screen & and do not touch face directly with hand. 🙂

clean hp



Extra Tips : Apply Moisturizer

keep moisture

Extra tips : Always keep moisture skin day and night.

Skin expose to hot weather will result in enlarged pores produce excess oil & sebum. To solve this, apply water drop moisturizer Aqua Whitening Cream day & night , can keep skin fresh, moisture deep into lower layer skin, will minimize pores, control excess oil & sebum production.

At Hansaegee Nature, always healthy skin.

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