What You Need To Know About Hansaegee Nature | How To Shop at Hansaegee.com

What You Need To Know About Hansaegee Nature | How To Shop at Hansaegee.com

(By Lenne on 20th Dec 2018)

Hello beautiful people! Today I’ll be talking about one of my recent beauty discovery: Hansaegee Nature. Before you hit that ‘X’ button, let me tell you what is Hansaegee Nature and why I’m obsessed with them. As you all know, I’ve been using and loving their bubble cleanser and moisturizer religiously for quite some time now. I love them, they did my skin good, end of story.

So, what is Hansaegee Nature? If you don’t already know, it is a skincare brand based in Malaysia and all of their products are 100% made in the Korea. And to always provide high quality and safe product to the consumer is their goal. This brand has been in the industry and been direct importing high quality and original skincare products from the Korea for 7 years now and I honestly don’t have any idea why is that not many people talking about them? They deserve the spotlight.

Speaking of Korea, you know they do not play around when it comes to skincare. They are one of the best because all ingredients in their products are legally approved and safe to use. No hesitation. You can go to their website and click the ‘About Us‘ menu to know more about them!

Where to get them?

All Hansaegee Nature products are only available at their official website at http://www.hansaegee.com/shop. You only can get it here and I don’t guarantee the genuineness and authenticity if you get it from other sources.

One of their bestseller product of ALL TIME is none other than the Gold Nano CC Cream that I’ve been itching to try. The name itself is intriguing, doesn’t it? Fast forward to 2016, they introduced the Aqua Whitening Cream(that I love so much), followed up by the Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser (that I love so much as well) recently in the year 2018. I’m so excited with the variety of their products, they cater from eye care, facial masks and lots of new skincare products in the future to achieve the complete skincare experience to the users.

I’m so devastated that my most treasured cleanser and moisturizer are almost come to an end. I feel so ‘sayang’ to use the heck out of them now. But fret not! I’m here to show you step by step on how to shop at Hansaegee Nature website and I’m gonna stock up on my favorite bubble cleanser and moisturizer.

How to shop at Hansaegee.com?

Step 1:

*Go to the website – www.hansaegee.com/shop

*Sign up as a member. I really recommend you to sign up as a member as it will give you the privilege to easily track your order status, create wish list etc.

Step 2:

*Register your name, email address and password. All the ush.

*Once you’re registered, 50 points will be credited to your account, just like that! *snaps finger*

Step 3:

*Here comes the fun part! Choose the products that you desire, how many you want and add to your cart!

*It is so easy and the website is pretty much straightforward. Here, I am going to select my favorite combo set that has the Aqua Whitening Cream and Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser and add to my cart.

*One more thing I like about shopping at their website is that they offer free gifts for every purchase depending on how much you spend. The more you spend, the cooler the free gift you’ll be getting!

Step 4:

*You’re almost done. All you have to do now is pay for your order. Click the ‘Go To Checkout’ button and proceed to pay.

*You have the online transferdeposit ATM or credit card as your payment option. I’m gonna go with online transfer because that’s the most convenient for me.

*As for the delivery process, you have 2 courier service options: Poslaju and Gdex. I choose Poslaju because I’m so used to them.

*Not to mention, if you have any issue, you can always count on them. Their customer service is tip top. They will help you, just give them a contact through phone callWhatsAppLive Chat and they will gladly assist you.

Now we can sit back, relax and wait for our parcel to arrive at our doorstep. For your information, for everypurchase that is worth RM 70 and above, you will get free shipping within Malaysia. I know right?! I really adore their effort on making us happy and not making us wait for a long time – your parcel will be processed and shipped out on the same day (if you make a payment before 10 am), some even arrive the next day or 3 to 5 working days, which is so fast!

It does not end there. You will also earn 1 reward point for every RM 1.00 spent on the website. And for every 100 points, you will get to redeem a discount for your next purchase! The best part is the reward points will never get expired. So generous of them, right?

Another thing that I think worth mentioning is that their effort in giving detailed information about each and every products they have on the website. It’s honestly annoying if you’re keen to try a certain product but they don’t provide enough information about it. But I loooove the fact that Hansaegee Nature provided in depth details about their product. I mean, just look.

‘m so happy! This is like my happy month. Everything is working so great! Anyway, back to my parcel, that came in with a bubble wrap but I got excited and tore it right away. But can we just talk about this is what you’ll be getting from your purchase? There’s boatload of free gifts! – a mirror, a pen, a pouch and a lovely paper bag? You best bet I’m going to keep that in my paper bag drawer. Their team is so super generous! I love love love it.

All in all, I think everything is worth it from the first time trying the products out and now repurchasing them. I really had a great experience with Hansaegee Nature. I am not saying this for the sake of views or whatsoever but I genuinely think they deserve the shot. I honestly want you guys to experience it yourself and so that we can share our thoughts together.


 🍁Company name: Hansaegee Nature

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