[Review] Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream


[Review] Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream

(By Pija Ramli on 15th Nov 2018)

Assalamualaikum, its been a while that I posted review on skincare right? Well, recently I got an opportunity to try and tested the new moisturiser, original made in Korea, quality product. You know how much I love korean skincare

Spoiler- best moisturiser for all skin types especially oily skin

Its been two weeks since I got it and tested it consistently and Im quite impressed with the effect on my skin. So, Im now ready to share you my thoughts on it.

Textures/Consisteny: As for the textures, it is a lot different than my other moisturiser, because its physically like a bit transparent smooth gel type, but once you apply on skin, massage it and then patting it gently by hand, the water drop will appear immediately, and let it absorb into the skin, which means it will change from gel to water as you rub it on your skin. Thats is why I suggest this the most to oily skin types people as the cream will goes deep down your skin, leaves a semi matte finish. Not greasy or oily at all, yet so hydrated from the inside.

(im not sure if you can see the water droplets there, try zoom in)

(feels so soft and moist)

Ingredients: This part (you know how much I care about the ingredients right?). This moisturiser contains plant extract Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, and also niacinamide. This is great for healing properties as well. Well to be honest, Im not really care about the whitening or brightening, but I care the most about healthy skins. That is why I so picky about the ingredients. For you guys that have clear skins, but still wanted brighter and even skin tone, this is also going to be the best moisturiser to try out. A multi tasking moisturiser that heals your skin as well as brighten it up!

Does it work for me? Im happy that this moisturiser is working great on my skins. I noticed that my face is getting less oily whenever I apply this. Usually, after 2-3 hours, my face especially on the T zone area will start to feel greasy.

Most importantly, it doesn’t clog my pores, as the niacinamide is great for cleaning up pores as well. However, this is the time of the month, and of course I’ll get pimples because of the hormone, but this moisturiser doesn’t make it worse, it makes them less red, and minimize the irritation though. Really happy with that

(My skins after wash my face-feels somehow tight and dehydrated)

(no filter)

(it feels so hydrated and refreshing, as you can see my skin is kinda glow and supple)

My hormonal pimples are still there, but I noticed that it is less bumpy as the redness and the irritation goes down a bit after I started using this cream. Oh not to mention, I feels cooling sensation everytime I apply this cream, and Im sure thats kinda help with the irritation-making it less pain, and red.

Retails at RM148.30, I think that this is worth it. You get what you paid for.


🍁Company name: Hansaegee Nature
                              🍁 Product : https://hansaegee.com/shop/skin-care.html

Author: Hansaegee Nature


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