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Hello gorgeousness! I’m so excited because I get to share you my experience using products from Hansaegee Nature today. I know, I am really committed to get a flawless complexion. It’s so nice seeing people go out with barely any cosmetics on their face and yup, I sure want that to be my case as well.
Let’s get straight down to business. Gworl, I have been struggling with clogged pores. Yes I do and it doesn’t end there. I have been dealing with the oil on my face for as long as could remember and it sucks when you had spent so much money to at least have a very nice, bootiful skin but we all know that’s usually not the case.
Recently, I kind of steer away a little from products and brands I usually found at the drugstore and try something new. I tried cool, really cool products from Hansaegee Nature! It’s a brand based in Malaysia but all of their products are made in Korea. How exciting is that?! And for the most part, nearly all of their products are using natural plants extract. Love it!
First up, I have the Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser. I am so over the moon for this product particularly because I have yet to try any bubble cleanser before so I’m thrilled! I think everyone knows it’s one of the crucial step in our skincare routine; which is to cleanse the face.


Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser | 150 ml, 5.29 fl.oz | RM 65

The type: Facial cleansing foam
Form: Soft bubble cleanser
It claims to:
  • Unclog the pores
  • Fight and recover pimples and acne
  • Removes excess oil on the skin
  • Controls oil production
  • Retain moisture
  • Soothes out the skin
Main ingredients:
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf – You know your girl loves her some aloe vera.
  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil – You guys know the drill with this one. This is the good stuff.
My experience:

I was super excited to use it but one thing for sure, I did not forget to read the instructions before using it (the issue I’m having when I get too excited over a product). So I went and wet my hands and face first. After that, I squeeze a generous amount of the bubble cleanser and I’d say two pumps are all you need. I went in, apply it to my face, massage a little and rinse it off.

After rinsing off the bubble, my skin felt so smooth, supple and so fresh! Honestly, I didn’t feel any tightness going on. It really soothes the skin hence the aloe being the main ingredient. Love that! I can see right through the mirror that it got rid all of my foundation and whatnot which was amazing.

As you shake the bottle, you can hear the water content but once you pumped it, soft bubble will come oozing out from the nozzle. I swear the texture is incredibly soft and light! I like the scent of it and my office mates like it as well. It smells so refreshing and ‘clean’.




Look at how nice it removes my lower half of my face (cheeks area)
I use it in alternate with other cleansers too but I have been using this one in particular non stop since I got it. It doesn’t break me out, doesn’t dry out my skin and to be honest, the more I use it the more I like it.
Alrighty, done with that. I have another one from Hansaegee Nature, it is the Aqua Whitening Cream. It’s a moisturizer in a cream type but it is so light, I swear! I’m so super intrigued with this one because the texture and consistency is so unique! I’ll tell you why in a second.

Aqua Whitening Cream | 50 ml, 1.76 fl.oz | RM 148.30

The type: Moisturizer + whitening cream
Form: Water-drop-based cream
It claims to:
  • Moisturizes and whitens at the same time
  • Repairs sunburned skin
  • Soothes out the skin
  • Repairs dryness and redness
  • Firms and clears complexion
Main ingredients:
  • Camellia Japonica Seed Oil – I don’t know much about this but all I know is it’s really good to deeply moisturize, reduce inflammation and healing wounds too!
  • Niacinamide – This is another good stuff to have in your daily skincare. It reduces acne and blemishes, improves skin tone and texture etc etc. Whatever it is, niacinamide is awesome.


My experience:
I’m not joking, the texture and consistency of this product is so distinct from others! It is a cream but once you blend it out onto your skin, lots of water droplets will appear and as you blending it, it feels like you blend a straight up water onto your face. It’s crazy but in a good way!
Texture-wise, so effing light! After been applying it for a few seconds, it does feel a little bit tacky to the touch but that thing goes away after a few minutes, so that’s good. I don’t see more clogged pores  on my face and I love the fact that my skin feels so smooth and supple right when I wake up. Not to mention my skin tone appears more even (people be having hot tan lines on their body, I have ‘tan lines’ on my face – my muslim sisters would understand) and brighter too!

My final verdict:

I am beyond delighted for these two products. I have encountered nothing but good results on my skin so far. I think they are both a perfect match for each other and I have been using them in my skincare regime religiously because they are so good together! For the most part, these products are made for all skin types. So nice! So, if a healthier and brighter complexion is what you are all about, look no further than Hansaegee Nature. I really recommend it!


(by Lenne Zukliflly 4th Oct 1981)

Find them here!

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Facebook Page: Hansaegee Nature

Author: Hansaegee Nature


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